A Defence of the Royalist Hand Sign


royalist hand sign

Monarchism needs branding.

Successful (even if temporarily so) movements have good branding. Just look at the Nazis. We know their brand. The swastika is universally recognised as their symbol. Likewise, the Nazi salute is the same. Chances are, I don’t have to describe it to you. You already know what a Nazi salute looks like. Even if evil, that’s good branding. Plain and simple.

Like the Nazi salute, we need something universal, something that will be (or come to be) known as a royalist/monarchist symbol.

Thus, I propose the above image. It is the sign for R in some sign language alphabets. The letter R can not only be short for royalist, but it is commonly used as an abbreviation for the Crown.

Proposed alternatives and objections

Some have objected to the symbol on the grounds that crossing one’s finger is what one does when intending to dishonour an oath.

That argument has no merit. The symbol isn’t about taking an oath. Besides, crossing one’s fingers to dishonour an oath, is usually done behind one’s back, not out and proud and in the open. The royalist symbol is intended to be seen.

It is a simple sign that monarchists can use to show themselves. Exactly the same way Neo-Nazis use their salute at their rallies.

As I said earlier, branding is what we need. Regardless of country or dynasty being supported, a universal brand is needed.

Imagine two different rallies: one in France, the other in Brazil. The French could raise their hands and do the royalist symbol and chant “Vive le Roi.” Likewise, the Brazilians can use the symbol whist chanting “Viva o Imperador.” It can be used in Russia, Romania, Georgia, wherever. It is universal.

Others have suggested an alternative: the Hand of Justice (God) or the Eid Schwur.

hand of justice

These are the same symbol. And it is largely a religious, Judeo-Christian symbol, so it isn’t very good at being universal, nor does it symbolise monarchism and the royalist cause quite like the letter R does.

While most of us are mainly concerned with Europe and the West, there are other monarchies or potential/former monarchies capable of being established or restored. Iran, for example. The proposed royalist symbol would work far better in Islamic Iran than the Judeo-Christian Hand of Justice.

Further, using the Hand of Justice/God would change its meaning and significance. It would become a monarchist symbol rather than a religious one. Since many of us are Christians, that is the last thing we should want. This is exactly what happened with the swastika, and it is a travesty.


The proposed symbol establishes a much needed brand. It also has universality.