Some Thoughts on Race


I haven’t done any research about the latest police shootings where two black men were killed by law enforcement. I don’t want to do any research because I doubt I will find very much that isn’t ideologically driven. I only care about the facts. Only through facts can reasonable public policy be made.

Regardless, one thing is clear: Black Lives Matter is a black supremacist organisation. BLM use violence and coercion to get their way. They don’t actually care about black lives or the quality of life for blacks.

They are neo-Marxists and collectivists. They are regressives who want to send our society back by making everything about race, by looking at the world through a neo-Marxist lens. This is not the way forward. BLM-affiliated organisations have supported racial segregation on college campuses with black-only “safe spaces.” If only George Wallace had used the term “safe space,” right?

These are people who erroneously believe that all white people are privileged simply because they are white, while all black people are oppressed because they are black. They believe that white men are part of some nefarious group trying to keep minorities down. This is patently absurd.

This emphasises the collectivist mentality of Black Lives Matter. By viewing people by groups rather than as individuals, they ignore the circumstances surrounding said individuals. They ignore the power and shortcomings of individuals. They view the world only by groups. They expect us to believe that President Obama is oppressed because of his race while a white, homeless wino living under a bridge is privileged just because he’s white. That’s a completely unrealistic and insane way to view the world.

This is why BLM and other like-minded ilk call black right-wingers “Uncle Toms,” a completely condescending and belittling term. Basically, in the mind of BLM, blacks should believe X, and any black who doesn’t is guilty of wrongthink. How dare you have an incorrect opinion?! How dare you not be a neo-Marxist collectivist who ignores the agency of the individual and only views the world through the lens of race or other conditions over which people have no control?

I acknowledge that there are problems in terms of race in this country. I even acknowledge that many whites have a psychologically different view of blacks. I believe this is natural and rooted in biology. It is natural to be afraid of what is different. There is a reason elephants don’t heard with gazelle. They’re a different species. The elephants and the gazelle can tell that they are different from each other. It’s natural to herd in groups that are more similar.

The solution to fixing race relations is not viewing the world through the lens of race or through the lens of neo-Marxist collectivism.

The solution is determining specific problems and fixing them. For example, the drug war. This terrible, idiotic policy has locked millions of people, many of whom were black, behind bars, and billions of tax dollars have been spent making the lives of those involved in the drug trade worse than they already are. It makes no sense.

Police officers should be generally required to wear body cameras. Police officers are there to serve the people. Many of them are good people. I imagine most are. However, there will always be bad apples in any group, especially in a group that attracts people who are drawn to power.

Speaking of power, this reminds me of the quote from Lord Acton: “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Putting police officers under an eye would do well in keeping them honest. This goes back to the famous phrase “who watches the watchmen?” This is a problem as old as government itself. With technology, we now have the means to keep an eye on the watchmen who are meant to serve the public.

I’m sure there are more solutions to be discussed, but those solutions should be discussed and debates using evidence, reason, and logic, not ideologically driven drivel.