Don’t Trust the LGBTLMNOPQR;XYZ Community



It should be obvious to anyone who’s ‘red pilled,’ but sadly, many simply aren’t. There are plenty of gay kids growing up now who might find themselves indoctrinated with the insane ideology of the new left. Whether it’s called feminism, social justice, social constructionism (they oppose the scientific method), whatever — is immaterial. It’s all cancer. For simplicity, I’ll just call them SJWs.

We’ve seen it time and again: the SJW assault against masculinity. Paradoxically this happens in the gay community all the time. It may seem counter-intuitive that I call it paradoxical, but it is. Gay men tend to — or used to — worship masculinity.

For many, the ideal man was something akin to a Greco-Roman statue, someone who looks like an Apollo. The person is fit and is masculine with muscle-tone. They embody the ideal form of ‘maleness.’

While there have always been gay men who dress up as women, i.e. drag queens, it is only with the rise of the SJW ideology that we see the paradoxical hatred of men and masculinity. The left rambles on about ‘toxic masculinity,’ many say that gender doesn’t exist, or that it’s merely a ‘social construct.’

The goal should be obvious: to confuse boys and ultimately destroy maleness. It’s no wonder we see the rise of so-called ‘transgender’ children or children who are ‘gender creative’ or ‘gender fluid.’ It’s all to destroy maleness. These boys are told or coerced into wearing girl’s clothes. Sometimes they are given puberty blockers or other drugs to help them transition into whatever monstrosity the SJW parent has in mind.

All of this goes on and is cheered by the mainstream gay community. They do this while still worshipping the male form. They will oodle over images of hot, straight celebrities. But at the same time, they will demand that these celebrities toe the line. They have to condemn masculinity. They must sacrifice their maleness to the feminist god and spew the leftist nonsense or be blacklisted. Dare to disagree and you’re a bigot of some kind, a ‘transphobe,’ ‘homophobe,’ ‘Cissexist,’ etc. SJWs have become clever with their buzzword ad hominems.

This past year I found a gay Youtuber whose videos I generally enjoy. I don’t want to name names or identify this person. The man is masculine, to say the least. He looks like the all-American boy. He works out, has a Southern accent, wears cowboy boots. He is definitely a masculine male.

I have to give him credit for not swallowing the SJW creed in its entirety. Ironically, he has put the word masculinity in quotes, despite being one of the most masculine gay men I’ve ever seen on the web. He implies in more than one video that masculinity doesn’t really exist. This is clearly nonsense. We all know masculinity when we see it. Maleness is something largely driven by biology. It is engrained in human nature, just like femininity.

This isn’t the only disturbing thing to come out of the gay community. The most SJW-minded support something known as polyamory. It’s really just code for being promiscuous. It’s a degenerate lifestyle where one becomes a slave to one’s sexual appetites. It’s the kind of thing the classical philosophers would have staunchly opposed because it encourages vice at the direct expense of virtue, true happiness, and health.

Further, the SJWs demand that this degenerate lifestyle not only be tolerated but totally accepted as equally legitimate as (or even superior to) traditional monogamy. They demand that insurance companies cover PrEP, a drug to help prevent HIV. In other words, they demand the rest of the insurance pool subsidise their risky lifestyle. Anything else is simply ‘homophobic.’

The gay (now LGBT[insert the rest of the alphabet]) agenda is no longer about equal rights. It’s no longer about the struggle to not be beaten up. It’s no longer about the right to marry. No, it’s about control and domination. The gay agenda has been hijacked by radical leftists who wish to impose their agenda on everyone, by force.

This is why they oppose free speech. This is why the Big-LGBT lobby demanded that Canada change its laws to make it illegal to ‘misgender’ someone, i.e. not use the right pronouns — including made-up gender neutral pronouns. A similar bill has been proposed in California to apply to nursing homes.

The radical leftist agenda of the Big-LGBT lobby is not your friend. Do not support them. Do not give them money. Speak out against them whenever you can. Refuse to be silent. Do not cower to them. Cower, and they win. Be silent, and they win.


The Left is Not Your Friend


Only a small part of me understands the desire to be left-winged within the gay community. I suppose it has to do with the internal, mad desire of people to have a simplistic, dualistic view of the world. Gays see the errors of the right in terms of social conservatism and their desire to return the world to the 1950s. This, with a simplistic view of the world, causes gays to move to the left.

Certainly gay people should have no need to love social conservatives, but the good news is they’ve lost. The social conservatives who beat off to the idealised world of Leave it to Beaver have been soundly defeated.

There is no need to be on the left. They are not your friend. In fact, I consider gays to be natural libertarians, or so I think they should be. Gays tend to be wealthier than their straight friends, so it would seem in their best interest to encourage lower taxes and freer markets where they have the entrepreneurial freedom to improve their lives. This, combined with gays’ natural social liberality, should lead to more being libertarians, not “progressives” or regressives as they should be called.

The left has largely been taken over by the regressives and the third-wave feminists. They are no friends to gays, especially not gay men. In fact, feminists don’t care at all about gay men simply because they are men. Feminist sexism should make gay men and feminists natural enemies, not allies.

Further, there is the infantilisation of gay people by regressives, people who think we need protection from bad words or dangerous ideas. Prior to very recently, it was said by the regressive left that gays were oppressed by the evil cisgender white heteronormative capitalist patriarchy, the main conspiracy theory of the regressive left. Now that gays have the right to marry (at least in some Western countries), many feminists now say that gays are not oppressed, and they now claim that gay men are, like their straight male counterparts, the oppressors of women.

The infantilisation and coddling of young people on college campuses has produced a generation of pussies who are afraid of their own shadows. Culture is on the decline because of this. Gays and straights alike are being brainwashed by the regressive insanity to hate the same Western values that give them the freedom to be gay in the first place. In most other places, gays are arrested, executed, or murdered with impunity. Only in Western countries are gays free to be gay. Only in Western countries, at least some of them, are they granted the right to marry where two people who love each other can legally dedicate their lives to each other.

This is combined with the cultural relativism of the regressive left. They erroneously believe that all cultures are equal, an idea that might as well have originated with the Mad Hatter. Are we really supposed to believe that an Islamic culture that treats women as chattel and criminalises (and sometimes executes) gay people is equal to the liberal values of the West? The claim is absurd on its face and patently insulting.

This cultural relativism likewise prohibits even the debate of restricting Muslim immigration into the West, even from Salafi countries. It doesn’t matter to these people that Islam is the mother-load of bad ideas, with Salafi Islam being the cream of the crop of crazy. These are the people who formed Al-Qaeda and ISIS. These are people who commit murder and believe that homosexuality should be a crime. This is not a minority of Muslims. More than half of British Muslims believe that homosexuality should be illegal.

In addition, even after the Orlando shooting, the left prefer to blame guns and gun owners rather that Islam. Even Obama refused, as he always has, to even say the words “radical Islam.” He would rather cower to the ideology of a mass murderer than speak the truth.

They would rather disarm people and erroneously strip people of their Fifth Amendment right to due process by preventing people on the no-fly list from buying guns, a policy opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union and rightly so. They would rather enact gun control legislation and make it harder for gay people to defend themselves. If they had their way, European-style gun control would be the national model, disarming straights and gays alike. Let me make this clear: armed gays don’t get bashed. Destroying the Second Amendment is a direct assault on the ability of gay people to defend themselves from bigots who mean to do them harm. If anyone should support the Second Amendment, it should be gay people.

The era of social conservatism is over. They lost, and the gays won. There is no need to remain on the left when the left has been taken over by lunatics who wish to disarm you, who would rather coddle and insult you, who would rather spread the myth that all cultures are equal, and who refuse to enact policies that actually help gays.