We Need an Anglosphere Trade Bloc


I certainly believe that Brexit was the right decision for Britain. Leaving the anti-democratic and burdensome European Union allows Britain the freedom to negotiate its own trade deals with the rest of the world, particularly with the Anglosphere, with whom the British share cultural values, language, and common history.

An Anglosphere trade bloc should be established between the major players of the Anglosphere—the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This trade bloc would not only remove tariffs and barriers from trade, but should generally allow citizens of these countries to live in and work in the other countries of the trade bloc without the need to acquire visas.

The removal of these immigration barriers would lessen the cost of a Brit, New Zealander, or whatever from moving to the United States or any other partner within the trade bloc. This allows people to move from where they are less productive to where they are more productive.

The traditional, non-legal barriers to immigration—namely language and cultural differences—are minimal or non-existent between the Anglosphere. Why not remove the legal barriers to immigration, too? There’s little reason not to.

Certainly people moving between these countries would have restrictions or requirements. They would need to pass a criminal background check and might have to purchase health insurance or pay into the public health insurance system, but if they can afford to do so, why shouldn’t an American be allowed to live and work in Britain? There’s no reason why such a person shouldn’t be able to do so.

It must be stated, however, that the last thing I want is some kind of EU-style system or some Anglo-American super-state, the idea of which sounds like a total nightmare.

Failing to create such a trade bloc would only serve to hurt the Anglosphere. These countries share language, history, common law, and values. The trade bloc would increase friendship and strengthen all countries involved.