Why I’m Apolitical


Politics is a religion. Just like regular religion, I’m not going to drink the Kool-Aid. In politics, just like regular religion, facts and evidence don’t matter. Only the narrative matters, even when that narrative flies in the face of the empirical evidence.

Obama, Romney, or whoever could preach from their pulpits that down is up, right is left and their gullible followers would believe them; they would applaud with cheers and sign waving. It’s sickening.

Both left and right are anti-science and anti-evidence. The left scream about how the minimum wage needs to be raised, despite much of the literature not supporting that position. They also scream about gun control, despite the fact that violent crime was down last year by 5.4 percent. Murder was down 6.9 percent.

On the right, we infamously have creationists and climate deniers. We also have conspiracy nuts who believe that the government is “the enemy.”

While I generally consider myself a libertarian, I’m also an empiricist. My position, therefore, should be pretty clear—evidence matters more than some popular narrative.