Target Culture


This doesn’t surprise me in the least:

The Target culture is very Minnesota – it’s very passive aggressive. They expect you to conform to them, to be “Targetized” and drink the Koolaid. If you aren’t super bubbly, super social and passive aggressive, you get told that you’re a problem. Being direct, wanting to actually get your work done, asking questions and pushing back are all viewed as bad things and you’ll be told to tone it down or you’ll be pushed out.

I was once a cashier at a Target store in Tennessee. I can tell you that this passive aggressive culture flows throughout the entire company. Their employee handbook was extremely lacking and incredibly terse; it told you nothing that you really needed to know. There seemed to be these unwritten rules that the management expected you to follow.

This seemed very much intentional. When you ‘screwed up’ or even did the slightest thing wrong (no matter how small or minor), you received a ‘coaching’ and every coaching resulted in a write-up, but they don’t tell you that. This means that every single time management talks to you or corrects you, you receive a write-up; these write-ups are then collected and stored in your file.